Paul Tuss for House District 28

Good Jobs and a Growing Economy

I have worked for 27 years in Havre and northern Montana to help the private sector expand and create jobs and to build communities that are great places to work, start a business and invest.  In the Montana Legislature I will support those initiatives that help small businesses flourish, that encourage entrepreneurial growth and that promote strong public-private partnerships.       

Accessing Public Lands

Montana is fortunate to have an abundance of public lands used for hunting, fishing, hiking and other recreational purposes.  Protecting these special places for us and future generations will always be a top priority of mine.  I will resist efforts to sell off public lands to the highest bidder and will always be on the side of assuring access to our state’s public lands and waterways. 


Building A Solid Infrastructure

The foundation of a strong economy is a solid infrastructure.  The State of Montana has a critical role to play in funding the construction and rehabilitation of our roads, highways, water and sewer systems, irrigation projects, airports and bridges.  I will fight for every dollar that rural northern Montana has coming to it to assure that our basic infrastructure is strong.  

Quality Public Schools

Public schools are the foundation of our democracy and are critical in educating our citizens and future workforce.  Proper funding for K-12 education and our university system will benefit Montana for decades to come.  I will always support our public school system, including MSU-Northern.    

Working Together

A hallmark of a functioning democracy is working with diverse interests for the common good, not worrying about who gets credit and understanding that compromise is necessary to develop sound public policy.  I am committed to working in a bipartisan manner to get results for Havre and northern Montana. 

Supporting Law Enforcement


Safe communities are important for business growth and quality of life and are key for housing development as well.  The State of Montana has a significant obligation to partner with local communities to properly support law enforcement, mental health professionals, our court system and addiction services.  I will strongly support the tools that law enforcement, our criminal justice system and our mental health professionals need to maintain safe, healthy communities.    


For House District 28

Thanks to everyone who has been so encouraging in my decision to run for the Montana Legislature in House District 28. I would be honored with your continued support as we focus on common sense priorities for our state.

Paul Tuss for HD 28

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